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Ferrell/Brown & Associates, Inc. is the third generation of a firm stared in 1947 by Joe Smyth and Needham Smyth. In 1981, the firm incorporated, with Needham B. Smyth and Thomas E. Ferrell becoming sole shareholders. With the retirement of Mr. Smyth, in 1984, Thomas E. Ferrell and David D. Brown assumed the role of Owners and Principalís in Charge and the corporate name was changed to Ferrell/Brown & Associates, Inc.

We routinely provide architectural services to a select group of educational clients for projects between $500,000 and $12,000,000 and are capable of projects up to $20,000,000. Our largest project to date has been the new Del Rio Middle School, an $18 million project which won two TASA/TASB awards Ė one for Value and one for Planning


 We are different because our practice is specifically geared toward the unique needs of educational institutions similar to Southwest Texas Junior College.  How do we do this and what makes us different?


 This is the cornerstone of our practice.  Southwest Texas Junior College will work directly with Tom E. Ferrell, A.I.A., and David D. Brown, A.I.A.  Our workload is structured so that Principals of the firm are directly involved in every phase of work from conception, planning and cost control to the drawing and construction of a project.  In this way the College District is assured of experienced leadership and our firm knows that our performance will meet our own high standards.


 Ferrell/Brown & Associates, Inc. offers its clients a uniquely stable architectural firm for the following reasons:


The firmís principals have been active together for almost thirty years and in the same partnership for twenty.  Ferrell/Brown & Associates, Inc. is completely debt free. It owns all of its assets and there are no liens, loans, notes or other encumbrances on the firm.

The firm has significant assets and resources to assure every client that the architect they employ today will still be there at the completion of the project, and beyond.




Ferrell/Brown & Associates, Inc. has a service philosophy of providing professional architectural services by the Principals of the firm at a reasonable fee.  By doing so, we have been rewarded by consistently doing more work for the same clients.  We freely encourage prospective clients to visit with our past/current clientele to determine our capabilities, integrity and conscientiousness.  We are comfortable with any reasonable compensation format (fixed fee, percentage) that best suits the Districtís needs.